Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Live Art Festival #8
Mara Oscar Cassiani:

Spirit [Hamburger Version]

  • © Mara Oscar Cassiani
  • © Mara Oscar Cassiani
  • © Mara Oscar Cassiani
  • © Mara Oscar Cassiani
  • Sat, 16.06.2018 22:00

Digital media and performance artist Mara Oscar Cassiani developed her work SPIRIT in Sardinia, where she combined traditional rites with the culture of rave and the visual world of the Millennials. For the Live Art Festival # 8: SUPERSPACES she creates a temporary community with a group of young people from Hamburg. To the audience she presents her concept of identity as generational empowerment as a nocturnal rave ritual for the final night of the festival.

After the show: Live-Art-Party with Mara Oscar Cassiani and DJ Abidjaninski at kmh.

“The gang, the crew, the Ravehearts, the new mantras born from capitalism and subcultures, the sharing of languages and ideas, the fluid gender that appropriates the male symbols, coexist in the same space. Common archetypes are appearing in different places on the planet, on the web, in manga culture, in the digital folklore and in this way they are linking new generations to a common need for ontological rituals; in the search for a common primary physical and spiritual matrix.” MARA OSCAR CASSIANI


  • concept: Mara Oscar Cassiani
  • performance: Mara Oscar Cassiani, Matilde Bassetti, Hamburger Tänzer*innen
  • assistance: Matteo Ascani
  • installation and costumes in collaboration with: Desacrè (Viviana Pes, Valentina Deriu)

Supported by Compagnia B, Super Bubble, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Mibact, CESP e Lariso, Progetto Muse, Sardinia Region.

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