Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Ex-Kopf / Steve Goodman / Helm:

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Ex-Kopf (DE)
Helge Meyer (electronics) and Alsen Rau (drums) are both active in Hamburg’s noise and electronic scene. They combine the rhythmic minimalism of krautrock with the brachial harsh noise into a hypnotic mix.

Tumblr Ex-Kopf 


Steve Goodman (GB)
Steve Goodman is one of the pioneers of the British dupstep scene, founder of the influential Hyperdub label and writer of the book „Sonic Warfare“

Blog about Sonic Warfare

Helm (GB)
The London musician Luke Younger constructs collages of electronic sounds, processed metal percussion and field recordings with undefined origins. By selecting and processing these sounds, he creates atmospheres of industrial, noise, drone and ambient.

Bandcamp Helm

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