Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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klub katarakt 2018:
Tag 3: Spaces Inside Out

  • © Microtub / Foto: Martin Morisette
  • © Tritop
  • Fri, 19.01.2018 20:00
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

Spaces Inside Out

20:00 Microtub
21:30 Tritop

The festival presents two experimental trio formations on the third day: Microtub and Tritop.
Microtub, the world’s first microtonal tuba ensemble, consisting of the tuba players Robin Hayward (Berlin), Peder Simonsen and Martin Taxt(both Norway), is exploring microtonal harmonies in low registers. The musicians use specially designed tubas which allow them to play precise microtonal intervals in Just Intonation.

The three trumpet players of Tritop perform in the evening’s second concert. This trumpet trio was founded in early 2017 by Liz Allbee, Sabine Ercklentz (both Berlin) and Birgit Ulher (Hamburg). Apart from a set of common timbres, each trumpet player has her unique sound with extended techniques and their sonic realization in space. The tension between sonic similarity and difference forms the esthetical frame of the trio’s music.

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