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klub katarakt 2018:
Tag 2: Portrait Alexander Schubert

  • © Markus Sepperer
  • Thu, 18.01.2018 18:00
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

Portrait Alexander Schubert
18:00 Lecture Alexander Schubert
20:00 The Magic I.D.
21:30 Alexander Schubert: Supramodal Parser

The second day features Hamburg-based composer Alexander Schubert (born 1979) with the first Hamburg performance of his one-hour work Supramodal Parser which will be performed by the young and internationally renowned Ensemble Nikel from Israel and Hamburg-based singer Mohna as a night concert.

Schubert writes: „The one-hour piece examines different aspects of ecstatic “letting-go” episodes through multi-sensory scenarios comparable to those experienced at extended techno events. It deals with both losing one’s self in at times overwhelming audiovisual input and, contrastingly, at times in an almost “frozen in time” / standstill environment. These settings intend to reflect different psychological states rather than create a club event to be danced to. It is a drive through personal perspectives on how to get lost.“

In the early evening Alexander Schubert will talk about his work in a lecture.

The concert at 8 p.m. features The Magic I. D., a quartet founded by the Berlin-based clarinet players Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke. The quartet is completed by singer Margareth Kammerer and electronic musician by Christof Kurzmann from Vienna. The interplay of these four soloists creates a surprising and charming mixture of strange minimalistic songs and instrumentals which are hard to categorize.

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