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Greatest Hits
Day 4 Ensemble Aisthesis:

Quatre Chants

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  • Sat, 04.11.2017 22:30
    Elbphilharmonie - Kleiner Saal

»Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil«, composer Gérard Grisey’s final and retrospectively one of his most important works, marks the conclusion of this year’s »Greatest Hits« festival. The four songs centre on the theme of »last things« from the perspective of different civilizations and reflect the inapplicability of death. In this emotional work, Grisey has set inscriptions from Egyptian sarcophagi and lines from ancient Greek poems to music. The fourth song is a tranquil lullaby that, according to Grisey, »is not intended for falling asleep, but for the awakening of a humanity that is finally freed from its nightmare«.

  • Sophia Burgos: Sopran
  • Walter Nußbaum: Dirigent
  • Gérard Grisey: Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil

Greatest Hits is a project by Elbphilharmonie, Kampnagel and NDR das neue Werk.

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