Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Greatest Hits
Day 2 Elbtonal Percussion:

Tempus Ex Machina

  • © Armin Luecke
  • Thu, 02.11.2017 18:30
    Kampnagel – K4

Elbtonal Percussion

Gérard Grisey: Tempus ex machina
Jan-Frederick Behrend: Afrock
Casey Cangelosi: Bad touch (Sönke Schreiber)
J.S. Bach: Allemande aus der Suite Nr. 5 c-moll BWV 1011 für Cello, Marimba solo (Jan-Frederick Behrend)
J.S. Bach / Elbtonal: Präludium c-Moll, BWV 999
Thierry De Mey: Musiques de Tables
Radiohead / Jan-Frederick Behrend: Daydreaming

The percussionists of the Hamburg-based formation Elbtonal Percussion provide a fascinating listening experience on the second day of »Greatest Hits«, the festival for contemporary music at Kampnagel and the Elbphilharmonie. »Tempus ex machina« is a study of the construction and disintegration of rhythm. In this work, French composer Gérard Grisey superimposes the rhythms upon one another in varying tempi, as if they came out of nowhere, combining them into patterns and compressing them into trills until the listener only hears them as an expanse of sound.

  • Gérard Grisey: Tempus ex machina und weitere Hits

Greatest Hits is a project by Elbphilharmonie, Kampnagel and NDR das neue Werk.

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