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Greatest Hits
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  • © Lukas Beck
  • Wed, 01.11.2017 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6

Peter Eötvös: Shadows
Peter Eötvös: Sonata per sei
Peter Eötvös: Chinese Opera

»I write music for people to listen to, not as a learned exercise,« remarked Hungarian composer Peter Eötvös when speaking about himself and his music. And that’s something that can be heard in the best sense of the word: his operas and instrumental works boast catchy melodies and a sensuous sound, and meet with an enthusiastic reception not only in the contemporary music scene.

Although Eötvös once worked together with famous colleagues like Stockhausen and Boulez, he never joined a particular musical school or trend, preferring to develop his own individual and authentic style. He seeks and finds direct contact with audiences as a conductor, too: for the big portrait concert that opens the Greatest Hits festival, he takes the rostrum in person.

»Chinese Opera«, composed in 1986, is a purely orchestral piece, it’s true; but its range of timbre make it »an opera to see with your ears« (Peter Szendy). The work preceded in this concert by »Shadows«, a double concerto for flute and clarinet, and a »Sonata« for two pianos, keyboard and percussion.

  • flute: Vera Fischer
  • clarinet: Olivier Vivarès
  • tone direction: Peter Böhm, Florian Bogner
  • conductor: Peter Eötvös
  • Peter Eötvös: Shadows, Sonata per sei, Chinese Opera

Funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung. Greatest Hits is a project by Elbphilharmonie, Kampnagel and NDR das neue Werk.

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