Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Dominik Irtenkauf: Vortrag

  • © Peter Hönnemann
  • Tue, 03.10.2017 20:00
    P1 (lecture - in German) & KMH 
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

The Botswanan death metal commando Overthrust is the flagship of a small but vibrant metal scene in the sub-Saharan region. They drew worldwide attention at their own metal festival; last year, Overthrust was in Europe for the first time on invitation from the International Summer Festival. A part of the Kampnagel invitation is an exchange with musicians from Cologne’s black metal band Ultha; they will be playing afterwards. The two sets will be framed by a lecture; the journalist and music expert Dominik Irtenkauf will speak about death and black metal as a global sound culture.


Gefördert im Fonds Turn der Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

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