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Internationales Sommerfestival 2017
Geheimagentur / Hamburg Port Hydrarchy:

Free Port Baakenhöft

  • © Anja Beutler
Theory / Theater & Performance
  • Thu, 17.08.2017 18:00 [World Premiere]
    Opening Free Port
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Fri, 18.08.2017 20:00
    Guided Tour Free Port
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Fri, 18.08.2017 21:00
    world premiere of port-series PORT OF CALL by
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Sat, 19.08.2017 14:00
    African Terminal flea market
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Sat, 19.08.2017 19:00
    Guided Tour Free Port
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Sat, 19.08.2017 20:00
    Battle of Baakenhöft (Introduction)
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Sun, 20.08.2017 14:00
    Radical Seafarers Bootstreffen
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Mon, 21.08.2017 17:00
    Guided Tour Free Port and Ship Welcoming Station Special
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance
  • Thu, 24.08.2017 16:00
    Führung Free Port and Battle of Baakenhöft. Followed by Night of interventionist seafaring.
    Baakenhöft (U4 HafenCity) free entrance

FREE PORT BAAKENHÖFT: A different port is possible – welcome to a swimming right-to-the-city movement.

For years Hamburg’s geheimagentur has been investing and working in the port of Hamburg. After stops at Summer Festival 2015, with an alternative cruise-ship terminal, as well the performance PORTS, at the Theater der Welt Festival 2017 and research across the seven seas, they now, for nine days, finally realize their utopia, an alternative port for everyone. The Baakenhafen is located on the site between HafenCity University and the berth of the MS Stubnitz. In the 19th century it was the central docking station for Geman colonialism – starting in 1900, the ships of the German East Africa line landed here. Today, the Baakenhöft is the last part of HafenCity that hasn’t yet been completely sold and planned. A mixture of fiction and reality, FREE PORT BAAKENHÖFT invites you to take the chance and create a “Free Port of the Many” that exists outside of security zones, cruise-ship terminals and interest areas of global corporations. All radical seafarers welcome!

 17.08. from 6pm 


18.08. /9pm

Premiere of the the harbour series from


from 2pm
THINGS FOR DRINKS + Hard Breakers (Live und Dj Set)

A free drink for everyone who comes with pieces for the African Terminal.

from 8pm

Lecture Performance

21.08. from 5pm

24.08. /4pm
Discussion: Baakenhöft as cultural centre 



At the former “Afrika Terminal,” the retail trade of African migrants is supported. At the office for import/export, used cars are filled with devices that are then sent to West Africa.
Support the African Terminal and spend old appliances or electronic devices. More information:


The REISEBÜRO ANHEUEREN once again makes signing up an option for Hamburg residents with lovesickness or wanderlust: The Hamburg Port Hydrarchy offers “board and lodging for work” in a transnational network of harbor activists and artists in the world’s ports.


n offshore art regatta that combines the tradition of land- and performance art with right-to-the-city activism and radical ecological experiments. Utopian swimming objects are placed in the water to overcome the division between solid and liquid and make a true “Free Port of the Many” possible. It will (hopefully) include the christening of the MARINA ABRAMOVIC!


A collection of materials about the history of interventionist seafaring in Hamburg.


Here you can greet the docked cruise ships, container ships and harbor tours in whatever way you’d like to – or listen to geheimagentur’s program of talks, challenges, accusations and poems.


  • concept and performance: Geheimagentur
  • production management: ehrliche arbeit - freie Kulturbüro

Funded by the resources of the Elbkulturfonds of the Kulturbehörde Hamburg Project supported by Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

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