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Art at Work
Sheena McGrandles:

Art at Work Diskursprogramm Teil 3

  • © Diego Agulló and Jorge Ruiz Abánades
  • Sat, 18.02.2017 16:00
    Kampnagel - kx free entrance

Thursday, 16.02. / 19:30, ca. 90 min.: The great curator's talk
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Friday, 17.02. / 19:00, ca. 60 min.: Kunst und Wert - Lecture by Diedrich Diederichsen
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Saturday, 18.02. / 16:00, ca. 120 min.: Anti-Work Workshop mit Sheena McGrandles

Choreographer and scholar Sheena McGrandles offers training in the art of being idle and useless spending for dancers, performers but also workers and non-workers of all other sectors. With physical and discursive exercises in non-productivity and deceleration she invites to take a different view on (artistic) work, on forms of subversive leisure and sensual refusal. How can we spend time differently, together with the aim of not working and what is work and non-work anyway? Is laziness one of the last utopias in  a neoliberal work environment characterized by acceleration and casualization? 
Sheena McGrandles’ artistic practice, both performative and visual, is concerned with queering the body in performance, drag and the representation of women on stage. She is artistic research associate at the BA “Dance, Context, Choreography” at HZT Berlin. In 2013 Sheena was a k3-resident in Hamburg and is since then connected with Kampnagel. 

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Saturday, 18.02. / 16:30, ca. 90 min.: Mindestlohn: Auswirkungen auf Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft
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Saturday, 18.02. / 18:30, ca. 90 min.: More than Elphi: Kulturpolitische Visionen für Hamburg
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whole program ART AT WORK (16.-18.02.2017)

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