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Alte Schule #3
Mammalian Diving Reflex:

All the Sex I've ever had

  • © Lucia Eggenhoffer
  • © MDR
Theater & Performance
  • Thu, 08.12.2016 20:00 [Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Fri, 09.12.2016 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Sat, 10.12.2016 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Sun, 11.12.2016 18:00
    Kampnagel – K2

A group of people over the age of 65 draw on all their wisdom and experience to share true stories of their romantic and sex lives. In this taboo-busting tell-all, the spotlight is at last shone on a part of the population too often rendered invisible, with a show that has touched and tickled audiences everywhere from Portland to Prague, Scotland to Singapore. Lovingly crafted by Mammalian Diving Reflex and starring a cast of up-for-it local seniors, ALL THE SEX I’VE EVER HAD is a tender encounter with real people.

  • By: Mammalian Diving Reflex, Darren O'Donnell
  • Concept: Darren O'Donnell
  • Directed by: Darren O’Donnell, Alice Fleming
  • Produced by: Jana Eiting, Eva Verity, Jenna Winter
  • Environment Design: Konstantin Bock, Marina Stefan
  • Sound Design: Isola Music (Martin & Smörre) MC: Christian (Smörre) Ziegler
  • With: Dorothea, Edda, Erika, Helga, Peter und Uli
  • Text: Konstantin Bock, Jana Eiting, Darren O'Donnell, Eva Verity, Jenna Winter, Wolfgang Woeste with Dorothea, Edda, Erika, Helga, Peter und Uli
  • German script translation: Irina Bondas, Jana Eiting, Anna Galt
  • In collaboration with: Pazz International Performing Arts Festival, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater
  • Hosts: Jana Eiting and David Eckelmann
  • Special thanks to: Paul Najor, Paul Lim, and Dans Sheehan

This presentation of All the Sex I've Ever Had has been made possible in part by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts Theatre International Program. 

ALL THE SEX I'VE EVER HAD ist ein Teil des Themenschwerpunktes Alte Schule #3. Alte Schule #3 findet vom 07. - 10. Dezember auf Kampnagel statt und wird gefördert von der Homann-Stiftung und der Körber-Stiftung. Gefördert im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

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