Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Joscha Hendrix Ende:
No ID - Anti-identitäre Aktion #1

  • © Rosh Zeeba
  • © Rosh Zeeba
Theater & Performance / Theory
  • Thu, 20.10.2016 21:00
    Kampnagel – KMH

Joscha Hendrix Ende will open his new salon discussion series with [[[NO-ID – ANTI-IDENTITÄRE AKTION #1 – (ANTI-IDENTITARIAN ACTION) ]]]. Against the background of the real Identitarian Movement, he and his team explore the identity-building mechanisms related to the formation of political opinions and divisions, and throw them into a blender of experimental music, show-performance and cabaret readings.

  • On stage: Joscha Hendrix Ende (gefürchteter Vortragskünstler), Rosh Zeeba (Faux Queen), Daniel Kulla (Wanderprediger), Tintin Patrone (Musik mit pinkem Flamingo), Cristoni Florido Acosta (Drag Queen)
  • Special Guest and After Show: Clastah – Classless Kulla und Istari Lasterfahrer

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