Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Sebastian Matthias:
People looking at people looking at people

  • © Arne Schmitt
  • © Arne Schmitt
  • © Arne Schmitt
  • Wed, 19.10.2016 18:00
  • Thu, 20.10.2016 18:00
  • Fri, 21.10.2016 18:00
  • Sat, 22.10.2016 19:00

For three years, choreographer Sebastian Matthias and his team have explored the complex organizational dynamics of public spaces in their performance series GROOVE SPACE. For the finale and high-point of the long-term project, they are now translating this research from the stage back to the city. PEOPLE LOOKING AT PEOPLE LOOKING AT PEOPLE consists of a multitude of site-specific miniature performances that were developed out of locally researched gestures and interaction patterns in half-public indoor spaces. Audience members use a city map to make their way from station to station, where they can view the everyday events in these locations as a theatrical experience. In a subtle displacement of reality, PEOPLE LOOKING AT PEOPLE LOOKING AT PEOPLE exaggerates social choreography outside of the theater stage.

With PEOPLE LOOKING AT PEOPLE, Sebastian Matthias brings his three-year research phase to an end.

Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Konzeptionsförderung der Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Stadt Zürich Kultur.

In Kooperation mit Kleiner Michel / Katholische Kirche St. Ansgar, KorallBar, Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli, Bewegungsraum im Gängeviertel, Kaengado Kampfsport, Galerie Raum linksrechts


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