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Internationales Sommerfestival 2016
Kuro Tanino / Niwa Gekidan Penino:

Avidya - Das Gasthaus der Dunkelheit

  • © Shinsuke Sugino
  • © Shinsuke Sugino
Theater & Performance
  • Thu, 11.08.2016 20:00 [European Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K2 Sold Out
  • Fri, 12.08.2016 20:00 [Talk]
    Kampnagel – K2 Box Office
  • Sat, 13.08.2016 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2 Box Office

A visually stunning as well as exciting journey through a japanese hot spring and human abysses.

In the late fall of 2015, a small person and his expressionless son arrive at a traditional Onsen guest house, located by hot springs deep in the mountains of Japan. The two visitors are puppeteers who have been booked to perform by the inn’s owner. Nobody, however, seems to know anything about it. The curious father-son duo spends the night in the Avidya guest house (named after one of the 12 Buddhist causes of human suffering, ignorance). The two meet the residents, who live up the inn’s name as they try to cure their ailments in the hot springs. Fascinated by the strangers, they bare their souls and expose their inner darknesses.

On a hyper-realistic rotating set with hot springs, former psychiatrist and current Japanese theater star Kuro Tanino offers an intimate glimpse into Japanese society – a poetic exploration of suppressed feelings and human repression. Tanino’s theater spaces are visually stunning psychological boxes in which our darkest and most fascinating corners are subtly exposed with few words and big gestures.

Audience discussion on Fri 12th


  • Text / Director: Kuro Tanino
  • Actors: Mame Yamada, Takahiko Tsuji, Ichigo Iida, Bobumi Hidaka, Atsuko Kubo, Kayo Ishikawa, Hayato Mori
  • Dramaturgy: Junichiro Tamaki, Yukiko Yamaguchi, Mario Yoshino
  • Stage Design: Kuro Tanino, Michiko Inada
  • Technical Director: Isao Kubo
  • Assistant to Technical Director: Emi Tsumura
  • Assistant to Director: Yasuhiro Kato
  • Second Assistant to Director: Yui Matsumoto
  • Light Design: Masayuki Abe
  • Light (Assistant): Miho Akutsu
  • Sound Design: Koji Sato, Yoshihiro Nakamura
  • Chinese Violin Training: Rosyu Kawase
  • Storyteller: Ritsuko Tamura
  • Company Manager: Chika Onozuka
  • Tour Manager: Miwa Monden

Production: Niwa Gekidan Penino, Arche Funded by: The Saison Foundation, Arts Council Tokyo, Japan Foundation

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