Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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klub katarakt 2016
Sabine Liebner / Dub Deconstruction:


  • © Diatribes
  • Fri, 15.01.2016 19:30
    day ticket 15 euro (reduced 8 euro)
    Kampnagel Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste

07.30 pm Solo piano recital by Sabine Liebner: PIECES BY WOLFF, CAGE AND OTHERS

10.00 pm Evening concert by Diabtres: DUB DECONSTRUCTION

The third day of the festival is once again devoted to composer in residence Christian Wolff. Klub katarakt presents a solo programme from Munich-born pianist Sabine Liebner. The specialist from the New York School has premiered many of Earle Brown and Christian Wolff’s pieces and has received many accolades for her exemplary interpretations of pieces by Cage and Feldman. In her latest solo programme, she will play pieces by Christian Wolff as well as compositions by his companions Morton Feldman and John Cage, contrasting them with works by European contemporary Karlheinz Stockhausen and Russian composer Galina Ustwolskaja. The evening concert will be played by electro-acoustic duo Diatribes from Geneva. Cyril Bondi and d’Incise present a new work at klub katarakt: they are deconstructing two dub classics from the 1970s by the legendary producer King Tubby. As part of this, the bass lines and melodies are lengthened and processed according to Diatribes’ minimalistic approach. The music of fine, detailed textures, with repeating gestures and soft tones.


  • piano solo: Sabine Liebner
  • Dub Deconstruction: Cyril Bondy (Percussion, Objekte), D'Incise (Laptop, Objekte)

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