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Highlights Spielzeit 2015/16
Rabih Mroué / Dance On Ensemble:

DANCE ON - Water between three Hands

  • © Dorothea Tuch
  • © Dorothea Tuch
  • © Dorothea Tuch
  • © Dorothea Tuch
  • © Pascheit Spanned
  • Sat, 23.04.2016 20:00 [Premiere, World Premiere]
    partly in English
    Kampnagel – K2 Box Office
  • Sun, 24.04.2016 20:00 [Talk, World Premiere]
    partly in English
    Kampnagel – K2

Lebanese artist Rabih Mroué is one of the most important figures on the international visual arts and performance scene. His most recent performance at Kampnagel was at the 2014 Summer Festival, with his impressive production, RIDING ON A CLOUD. His new piece sees  Mroué enter new territory, as he dedicates himself to dance for the very first time. When the creator of the Dance On Ensemble approached him for a collaboration he agreed right there and then. He liked the idea of working with this versatile group of excellent dancers, who are all over 40. With this extraordinary ensemble Mroué reflects on the fine line between fiction and reality, between past and present. He focuses on the moments in which these distinctions become questionable. The choreography leaves its mark on the dancers’ bodies as Mroué tries to deconstruct the context of the experience of movement. Mroué’s piece is the second production of the DANCE ON 1st EDITION, which is part of a comprehensive, established initiative about the value of age in dance.  


  • concept / director: Rabih Mroué
  • with an by: Ty Boomershine, Amancio Gonzalez, Christopher Roman, Brit Rodemund, Jone San Martin, Ami Shulman
  • Live Music / Composition: Phillip Danzeisen

Ein Projekt von DIEHL+RITTER gUG. Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

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