Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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IN/ZWISCHEN Kreative Ko-Existenzen: Themenschwerpunkt Inklusives Theater
Ein Gemeinschaftsdelirium von Kraut_Produktionen und Theater Hora:

Human Resources

  • © Sava Hlavacek
Theater & Performance
  • Sat, 12.12.2015 18:00 [Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K2
  • Sun, 13.12.2015 19:00
    Kampnagel – K2

There is no more successful, but also no bleaker form of existence than that of the individual, who submits to our society without a hint of protest. Somebody who has completely internalised the modern cost-benefit parameters and almost perspired them. So in short: today’s completely normal civilisation nerd and his sexy general agreeableness. The reign of clicks and likes in all areas of life – at home, at work and in art – as a sort of natural selection in the rush of modern times. In HUMAN RESOURCES the junk of this optimised human capital is now going on the offensive. The marginalised and disabled performers from kraut_produktion and Theater HORA have joined forces for a kind of unorthodox ‘Saubannerzug’, in order to celebrate the non-economic outsider-dom. And in order to establish the sensual antithesis to the usefulness of the trained present, and to appease the existence of a non-marketable but essential intangible added value. The performers of Theater HORA won new fans at Kampnagel recently with their production of Jérôme Bels’ DISABLED THEATER.

  • with: Gianni Blumer, Nikolai Gralak, Matthias Grandjean, Thomas U. Hostettler, Nils Torpus, Sandra Utzinger, Fabienne Villiger
  • director: Michel Schröder
  • stage: Silvia Buonvicini, Severin Hofmann
  • costume: Nic Tillein
  • Video: Roland Schmidt
  • Lights: Marek Lamprecht / Ricarda Köneke
  • production management: Lukas Piccolin
  • technician of tour: Holger Bruder
  • production: kraut_produktion, Theater Hora
  • co-production: Rote Fabrik, AUAWIRLEBEN Bern

Gefördert von Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, MBF Foundation, G+B Schwyzer Stiftung

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