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Lisa Lie:

Blue Motell

  • © Vigdis Haugtrø
  • © Vigdis Haugtrø
  • © Vigdis Haugtrø
Theater & Performance
  • Sat, 28.11.2015 18:30 [Premiere]
    Deutsche Erstaufführung
    norwegian with english subtitles
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sun, 29.11.2015 18:00
    Deutsche Erstaufführung
    norwegian with english subtitles
    Kampnagel – P1

Lisa Lie’s most recent work “Blue Motell”, is a crossover between a shamanic initiation and an European educational journey. Together with invited artists through her platform PONR (Pony of no Return) - Lisa Lie attracts powerful dreamers from all kind of worlds and dimensions. Characters from cartoons and fairytales, ancient unearthed philosophers, serial killers and suicide victims meet in “Blue Motell”. The performance examines escapism as a positive strategy and as a collective movement. Lie’s style is a choreographic and musical approach to composition.

Blue Motell small trailer english subtitles (2013) from lisa lie on Vimeo.


  • concept / text / direction: Lisa Lie
  • with: Lisa Lie, Ivar Furre Aam, Helga Kristine Edvindsen, Kenneth Homstad
  • costume: Maja Nilsen
  • light: Steffen Telstad
  • sound: Mikael Gullikstad, Anders Schille
  • production management: Aurora Kvamsdal, Randi Martine Brockmann
  • dramaturgy: Elin Amundsen Grinaker
  • co-production: Trøndelag Teater, Black Box Teater, BIT Teatergarasjen, Turteatern/MDT

Gefördert von Arts Council Norway, Fund for performing artists, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trondheim Municipality, Sør-Trøndelag County, The Audio and Visuall Fund

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