Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Highlights Spielzeit 2015/16
Dada Masilo:


  • © John Hogg
  • © John Hogg
  • © John Hogg
  • Wed, 16.12.2015 20:00 [Premiere]
    Kampnagel – K6
  • Thu, 17.12.2015 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6
  • Fri, 18.12.2015 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6 Box Office
  • Sat, 19.12.2015 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6 Box Office

Dada Masilo is the rising star of the South African dance scene. Her breathtaking new interpretation of ‘Swan Lake’, which she performed at Kampnagel in 2014, put the international dance scene into turmoil. She scrupulously breaks all of the rules of classical ballet and rediscovers them. Now she is returning to Kampnagel with her new heroine, CARMEN, setting into motion an explosive fusion of South African dance, Flamenco rhythms and classical ballet. She portrays Carmen as an erotic femme fatale, but also as a complex, vulnerable woman in a dramatic story about sex and power, love and betrayal. In high-energy, intensive scenes, she and her top notch ensemble work through themes that are close to her heart: sexism, homophobia and racism. A diverse, amusing and anything but superficial evening that roars past at breakneck speed.

  • choreography: Dada Masilo
  • music: Georges Bizet, Rodion Shchedrin, Arvo Pärt
  • light: Suzette Le Sueur

Eine Produktion von The Dance Factory/Suzette Le Sueur, Interarts Lausanne/Chantal und Jean-Luc Larguier, in Koporduktion mit Biennale de la danse de Lyon, Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg mit Unterstützung von Théâtre du Rond-Point

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