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Internationales Sommerfestival 2015
Eko Supriyanto:

Cry Jailolo

  • © Hideto Maezawa TPAM
  • © Pandji Vasco Dagama
  • © Pandji Vasco Dagama
  • Wed, 12.08.2015 20:00 [Premiere, Talk]
    Kampnagel – K1 Box Office
  • Thu, 13.08.2015 20:00
    Kampnagel – K1
  • Fri, 14.08.2015 20:00
    Kampnagel – K1
  • Sat, 15.08.2015 20:00
    Kampnagel – K1

European Premiere

Crossover star-choreographer Eko Supriyanto transforms Indonesian folk dance into futuristic underwater dance visions.

The future of dance is under water. At least that’s the case for Eko Supriyanto, the leading Southeast Asian choreographer of his generation. His grandfather began teaching him Javanese court dances and Pencat Silat, a martial art, when he was seven years old. These days, Supriyanto is at home on stages across the world, where he mixes pop and folk, classical, avantgarde, musicals and high culture. He has danced in operas by John Adams, and has choreographed for theater legend Peter Sellars, worked as an advisor on the Broadway production of the musical THE LION KING and was part of Madonna’s DROWNED WORLD Tour. CRY JAILOLO was created in West Halmera, North Maluku Indonesia, one of the world’s most beautiful diving regions. Supriyanto worked with young men from the secluded area, whose unique coral landscape is in danger of being destroyed. Inspired by the beauty of the coral reefs, the movement of the swarms of fish and the men’s commitment, Supriyanto has created CRY JAILOLO for seven of the men. A choreographic translation of the Legu Salai dances from the Sahu Tribe in West Halmera, it is simultaneously a memorial to the destruction of the oceans and a futuristic vision of dance.


  • Choreography: Eko Supriyanto
  • Choreographic assistance: Geri Krisdianto
  • Dancers: Veyndi Dangsa, Greatsia Yobel Yunga, Fernandito Wangelaha, Gerry Gerardo Bella, Noveldi Bontenan, Budiawan Saputra Riring, Geri Krisdianto
  • Stage Design: Iskandar K. Loudin
  • Music: Setyawan Jayantoro
  • Dramaturge: Arco Renz
  • Costumes: Retno Tan
  • Production management: Isa Natadiningrat
  • Production: EkosDance Company 2014, Solo Dance Studio

SUPPORTED BY KANTOR PEMUDA OLAH RAGA KEBUDAYAAN DAN PARIWISATA, KABUPATEN HALMAHERA BARAT, Kompleks Sasadu Lamo, Acango – Jailolo Halmahera Barat, Maluku Utara – Indonesia. The guest performance is supported by the Goethe Institut.

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