Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Schwabinggrad Ballett / Mitglieder der Gruppe Lampedusa:

Chöre der Kommenden

Theater & Performance
  • Fri, 05.06.2015 18:00 [World Premiere]
    Schnackenburgallee 81
  • Sat, 06.06.2015 18:00
    Ecke Sophienterrassen/Mittelweg (U1 Hallerstraße)

Partitioning? Europe can forget it. No matter how high the fences grow or where the refugees are ‘intercepted’, the ‘Europe of Arrivals’ (Vassilis Tsianos) has long been a reality. As a utopian agitprop group, half ballet, half synchronous military unit, Hamburg artist-activists from the Schwabinggrad Ballet and members of Lampedusa in Hamburg make use of the square in front of the refugee accommodation in Schnackenburgallee and the area in front of the construction site at the refugee accommodation at Sophienterassen in Harvestehude, which is now closed down by court order. The following means are deployed: interventionist mass dance and choreography, passages from didactic plays including karma cleansing AfroKraut music and hate speeches. Following the performances there is the opportunity to stick around: there is an open mic for anyone to use and furthermore at Schnackenburgallee there is the opportunity for collective hanging up with a mobile phone. 




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