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Omer Krieger:

Now [The Clash]

  • © Frank Egel
  • © Frank Egel
  • © Frank Egel
  • © Frank Egel
Theater & Performance
  • Wed, 03.06.2015 18:00 [Premiere, World Premiere]
    Heidi-Kabel-Platz, Änderungen vorbehalten.
  • Thu, 04.06.2015 18:00
    Heidi-Kabel-Platz, Änderungen vorbehalten.

NOW (THE CAMP/THE CLASH) is a performance in two acts, which stages choreography at public meetings in different places. For the LIVE ART FESTIVAL #7 Israeli artist Omer Krieger is working with a group of Hamburg artists to develop an urban confrontation between state power and civil movements. It is dance with traces of civil protests and resistance movements from history, in the bodies and in distinctively political places such as Tahrir Square, Gezi Park or Wall Street, Maidan Square or East Jerusalem. Confrontations between citizens and police become recurring political events worldwide. NOW (THE CLASH) is researching their dynamics and involving the public in choreography that begins with a gathering and ends in conflict in Hamburg’s city centre.

Part 1, entitled NOW (THE CAMP) takes place on 30th May 2015, at 14.17 at the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial. It consists of seven gatherings of commemoration and remembrance, as well as an artistic intervention. 

  • Concept/Choreography: Omer Krieger
  • With: Jelena Bosanac, Manuel Funk, Ehsanul Karim, Filomena Krause, Ida Krombach, Alexey Markin, Mariana Schneider, Therese Schneider, Anna-Sophie Schönbeck, Justus Schwerdtfeger, Natascha Simons, Claudia Laackmann, Ekaterina Pilipenko, Sofie Ruffing
  • Assistant / Head of Production: Greta Granderath
  • costume assistant: Filomena Krause
  • dramaturgy assistance: Anja Winterhalter

PRODUCTION Omer Krieger and Kampnagel, supported by: Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

NOW (THE CAMP/THE CLASH) is a Cooperation by Kampnagel and the city-curator Hamburg. Thanks to: Kulturbehörde Hamburg.

Thank you to: Sophie Goltz, Johannes Boscher und das Team Stadtkuratorin Hamburg. Bezirksamt Hamburg Mitte/Herrn Klaus Peters. Behörde für Inneres und Sport/Feuerwehr Hamburg und Stadtreinigung Hamburg. Fuzzi Combat, Ale Dumbsky, Sylvi Kretzschmar, Katja Lah.

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