Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas / Ictus Ensemble:

Vortex Temporum

  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
  • © Anne van Aerschot
Music / Dance
  • Sat, 15.11.2014 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6

Vortex Temporum, in English: time vortex or whirlpool, refers to circular or spiral movements and patterns. These are the same figurations that also  give many of ROSAS’s choreographies their dynamic cohesion. For Vortex Temporum, a unique  13-person ensemble consisting both of members of ROSAS and Ictus performing  together, explore how time contracts and expands, swirls and unfolds in a choreographic counterpoint of sound, gestures, movements and spatial dynamics.

In her choreographic work, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker often engages with pieces of contemporary music. For more than ten years, her analytical attention was drawn to “Vortex Temporum”, a late work by French composer Gérard Grisey, who died in 1998. Her long engagement with the music has now culminated in her most recent choreography for ROSAS and the Ictus Ensemble, a group specialised in contemporary classical new music. Gérard Grisey’s instrumental composition builds on the physical qualities of tones and overtones, merging them into a broad spectrum of colourful sounds and harmonies.

»Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker opens doors, even batters some down; she is a major artist.« New York Times



  • Choreografie: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  • Von und mit: Boštjan Antončič, Carlos Garbin, Marie Goudot, Cynthia Loemij, Julien Monty, Michael Pomero, Igor Shyshko
  • erarbeitet mit: Chrysa Parkinson
  • Music: Vortex Temporum, Gérard Grisey (1996)
  • music creation: Georges-Elie Octors
  • music director: Georges-Elie Octors/Matthew Coorey
  • musician: Ictus Ensemble

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