Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2014
Phantom Ghost & Cosima von Bonin:


  • © Michael Straßburger und Dejan Saric
  • © Christopher Hewitt
  • © Christopher Hewitt
  • © Christopher Hewitt
Music / Theater & Performance
  • Tue, 19.08.2014 20:00
    Kampnagel – K6

Relax, it’s only a ghost. In a polymorphic, perverse multimedia installation by Cosima von Bonin, Phantom
Ghost – the genii of ghosts and the deans of German dandy discourse decadence – present a theatrical exhibition of their musical oeuvre. The duo’s concerts, with Thies Mynther on the piano and Tocotronic singer Dirk von Lowtzow at the microphone are playful artistic gems, strange shows of a very particular kind. With Cosima von Bonin they have now joined forces with one of Germany’s most famous artists. For this concert performance installation, von Bonin creates hyper-theatrical surroundings from cuddly sea creatures, which, in the spirit of old fascination with ghosts, animism and animation are brought to life by puppeteers and contextualised with a lecture on underwater ballet. The performers are styled in minimalist-
luxurious neo-Goth chic, by German-French fashion label Augustin Teboul.


  • Music, Performance: Phantom Ghost (Thies Mynther & Dirk von Lowtzow)
  • Stage: Cosima von Bonin
  • Costume: Augustin Teboul
  • INSZENATORISCHE BERATUNG: Johannes Müller, Philine Rinnert
  • Puppet show: Tucké Royale, Rike Schuberty
  • lecture: Eike Wittrock
  • Production: Foreign Affairs Berlin

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