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Monster Truck:
Dschingis khan

  • © Florian Krauss
  • © Romana Zühlke
  • © Romana Zühlke
Theater & Performance
  • Fri, 08.11.2013 19:30 [Premiere]
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sat, 09.11.2013 19:30
    Kampnagel – P1
  • Sun, 10.11.2013 19:30
    Kampnagel – P1

Performance collective Monster Truck has worked with Theater Thikwa to develop a form of collaboration that is as radical as it is moving. DSCHINGIS KHAN (GENGHIS KHAN) presents three performers with Downs Syndrome, who up until recently had been referred to as ‘mongoloids’. Alongside Jérôme Bel’s DISABLED THEATER, DSCHINGIS KHAN is the piece of the last year that has taken disabled people’s theatre beyond existing boundaries. 

  • Künstler/ in: Sabrina Braemer, Jonny Chambilla, Manuel Gerst, Sahar Rahimi, Oliver Rincke, Mark Schröppel, Ina Vera
  • Dramaturgie: Marcel Bugiel
  • Music: Mark Schröppel, Mark Schröppel
  • Künstler/ in: ehrliche Arbeit - freies Kulturbüro, Alisa Hecke, Matthias Meppelink

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