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Hofesh Shechter:
Uprising / The art of not looking back

  • Wed, 26.09.2012 24H
    Kampnagel – K6

Young Anglo-Israeli choreographer and composer Hofesh Shechter, meshes beautiful bodily vigour, an overwhelming vitality and percussive music with a razor sharp sense of the sudden assaults onto the stage. Shechter revives Uprising (2006) designed for seven electrified male dancers. His mastery of the ballet discloses unpredictably carved lines, a result of his maximum use of “flash” effects and of the brisk succession of the sequences. Mirroring this masculine, strongly accented piece, The Art of Not Looking Back (2009), for six female dancers is imbued with equally intense vitality. But it is highly emotional too. Shechter inserts autobiographical confidences about his mother and the sense of void a child may feel in his mother’s absence. The women dancers boldly embrace that sorrowful theme. Sophisticated and contemporary, tribal and gut-rooted, Shechter’s style will deliver yet another hell of a surprise.

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