Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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Internationales Sommerfestival 2016
Lady Bitch Ray´s Mösigkeit präsentiert : Dr. Bitch Ray!:


Music / Theater & Performance
  • Wed, 24.08.2016 22:00
    Doors open at 21:30
    Kampnagel – KMH

As Lady Bitch Ray, Reyhan Şahin, who has a doctorate in linguistics and gender studies, made hip-hop feminism popular in Germany. Dr. Bitch Ray makes unpredictable appearances on TV, in films and in the mass media, regularly pushing (mostly male) talk-show guests and journalists as far as they’ll go and releasing powerfully eloquent hip-hop. In this way, Lady Bitch Ray has been paving the way for all of Germany’s Queen Pussy Bitches for over 10 years – despite wide-scale resistance from academic and social circles. A pioneer when it comes to hybridity and a master of the subversive, she uses scholarly rap, hard-slipping hiphop feminism to show how performance art, rap-poetry and Dr. Bitchism go together. Is it rap performance? Yes. Is it art? Yes! Is it Lady Bitch Ray? Yeahh! Dr. Bitch Ray (formerly Lady Bitch Ray) is working on a new rap album, which she will perform with her Vagins Mortelles crew in a pussy-empowerment live show that she developed especially for the Summer Festival.

Presented by ByteFM, 917xfm and Hanseplatte.

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