Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

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The Residents:

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  • Wed, 10.02.2016 20:00
    Kampnagel – K2

"The Residents" are a trio these days with a lead singer, guitarist, and keyboardist who also plays samples and electronic drums. Both the guitarist and keyboardist have virtuoso chops and for a three-piece the band can create a phenomenally majestic sound. Shadowland incorporates some of their classic compositions into the new songs and Thursday night they were rolling out the hits: Blue Rosebuds. Harold The Head. Weight Lifting Lulu. Constantinople. Easter Woman. Old-school fans were in heaven.
Some of these older songs were so radically reinterpreted that sometimes the band would be a couple minutes into a song before you could even tell what it was. That was part of the fun."The Residents" are constantly reinventing themselves and Thursday night was no different. They had totally new costumes and stage designs.
Like every tour this one was completely different from the one before. People like to think of them as the classic eyeball helmets in tuxedos, but the truth is "The Residents" wear many faces. 
Both musically and artistically they have never been better and Shadowland is a great showcase of what they have done and can do.


                                     NBC Review of „Shadowland“-Premiere, March 2015#


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„Obsession, insanity and the coming Apocalypse have never sounded better.“ (The Residents)





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