Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Spielzeiteröffnung 2015: We Don't Contemporary

  • © Marquess of Desire ( 2012) Rashaad Newsome


Kampnagel opens this season with the international WE DON’T CONTEMPORARY festival. Working with five guest curators from different African countries, we have put together a programme that grapples with the topic of post-colonialism from different perspectives. The aim of this is to expose the term ‘contemporary’ as a western, colonial construction. For ‘contemporary’ in the context of the globalised art world primarily means only one thing: that European art as contemporary art, is far more advanced and developed than, for instance, African art. It is only ‘contemporary’ if it conforms to Western standards. In response to this, Kampnagel says “No!” Enough with colonialism in the art world!  It is in this spirit that the guest curators present their own visions of ‘contemporary’ African art from different genres: the Tunisian choreography duo Aïcha M’Barek and Hafiz Dhaou are coming to Hamburg, bringing both their own company’s latest work and productions from other young North-African choreographers, Tunisian dance scholar Mariem Guellouz deconstructs the concept of ‘contemporary’ in a symposium, film expert Alex Moussa Sawadogo from Burkina Faso presents an experimental film programme and the German-Ghanaian artist Zohra Opuku develops a performance fashion-club installation. Kampnagel has also invited guest artists including Brett Bailey and Boyzie Cekwana, who expand the diverse programme and complete it. Be it through dance, body interventions or in a public fashion studio, the different artistic perspectives, methods and arguments create a united choir, which asks that we finally sound the bell on the post-colonial age. Ding. Dong. During the festival the Refugees Radio Network will report on WE DON’T CONTEMPORARY live from the foyer.

Funded by Fonds TURN Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

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