Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Internationales Sommerfestival 2014

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SAVE THE DATE: 5.–23.08. 2015

Programme and tickets for the International Summerfestival 2015 will be available here from June 2015.

This was the Festival 2014:

Download the full program book 2014 as PDF / the time table 2014 as PDF


2012-2013 Summerfestival programme and Programme brochure 2013

Dear Guests,

Off-theatre is over. What was once a term to describe the  fringe in relation to boring mediocre theatre institutions,  has now moved to centre stage. The future of theatre is  caused by other issues and ways of working, and is the  result of a dedicated artistic spirit: Instead of (secondary)  literature in the living room, life itself moves into  focus – and defines our program: The experiences and  lives of artists from Buenos Aires to Tokyo lead to other  contents and forms, also as a consequence of the search for  adequate means of expression for a complex world in turmoil.  Authors here are often also representing themselves  on stage – for example during our conference on sex work  and the theatre-installation of Rimini Protokoll. Here, art  is always a wonderful place of resistance to political conditions  and aesthetic definitions. In the intersection of genres  and styles we throw reference systems out of the window  and build a festival architecture on the basis of pop as a  strategy to formulate critique in a contemporary language  and create relationships between genres and real people.  With seven Summer Festival- and co-productions as well  as six German and European premieres, the programme  is again characterised by complicity with artists, whose  relations among each other also become visible within the  festival. We invite you to move right across the festival evenings,  without claims to normativity, and promise a wild  mix of sound, images and positions – loud, weird and not  always easy to categorise, just like our pooch on the cover.  Many thanks to all artists, sponsors and friends who have  supported us financially and idiologically, and without  whom we could never have arranged a festival of this size. 

See you very soon! 

András Siebold / Artistic Director  & the Summer Festival team 


Internationales Sommerfestival 2014 from Kampnagel on Vimeo.




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