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  • © Conny Winter
  • © Conny Winter
  • © Maximilian Haas
  • © Conny Winter
  • © Antonia Baehr

ZOO 3000: Occupy Species

Under the title, ZOO 3000: OCCUPY SPECIES – THE EXPLODED UNIVERSITY (Art as Education, Education as Art), the festival is devoting itself exclusively to the relationship between man and beast and will spend ten days negotiating power-political conditions of class, ethnicity, gender and habitats within the animal sphere. Over the past 20 years ‘Animal Studies’ has become one of the most remarkable cultural and artistic phenomena and is the engine behind political movements and artistic production. The third millennium puts Zoo Politics on the agenda and the LIVE ART FESTVIAL 2013 takes up the challenge of critiquing political zoology, making its first foray with ZOO 3000, culminating on 15th April in a NIGHT OF LIBEration. Furthermore we will present the ‘A Space for Live Art’ network’s photographic project, Crisis? What crisis? and the European network, ‘Young Performing Arts Lovers,’ will reflect on the spectator’s role in contemporary theatre by means of ‘animal’ strategies.


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