Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Spielzeiteröffnung 2019/20

The new season focuses on Germany’s Erinnerungskultur or culture of remembrance. As important as it is to gather evidence of Germany’s colonial history, it is equally essential to place this in the continuum of German history (National Socialism) and the present day (structural racism) and to use this knowledge in practical acts of solidarity. #1000TATEN is Kampnagel’s new programme of events contributing to discourses on anti-racism, diversity in art, and solidarity.

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Thursday, 26.09.2019

Friday, 27.09.2019

Saturday, 28.09.2019

Sunday, 29.09.2019

Thursday, 03.10.2019

Friday, 04.10.2019

Saturday, 05.10.2019

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