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Noise is wreaking havoc in communications technology, cybernetics, social sciences and music theory. It refers to unwanted sound, a disturbing rest, to a buzz or an excess of clamor. Since the 1980s, an experimental genre has been developing on the edges of popular culture that serves the repressed side of the audible and has been established under the term “noise”. The eccentric potential of noise resists an appropriation in official information loops. The relationship between power and resistance is raised as an issue in the field of the audible: power and its turn towards violence is expressed in a volume that demands obedience; at the same time, noise is an indivisible side effects of protest, disorder and social rebellion. Beyond these spheres, noise remains a  radical form of artistic experiment whose protagonists research new interfaces, acoustic identities and never-before heard sounds. NOISEXISTANCE would like to bring these positions together and give them a forum in concerts, lectures and workshops.


Funded by Musikfonds, Rückkopplung    Media Partner FSK 93,0 radio

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Friday, 02.03.2018

Saturday, 03.03.2018

Sunday, 04.03.2018

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