Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Spielzeiteröffnung 2017/18: OPENHAUS



In OPENHAUS-STRATEGIES FOR A SOCIETY OF MIGRANT POLITICS, Kampnagel is opening its doors for the new season. The invited protagonists will offer new perspectives on the current era as the „century of migration“ in performances, permanent installations, club formats and big dance projects: if one believes the sociologist Thomas Nail („The figure of the migrant“), increasing migration, circulation and movement are not exceptions but rather the current norm. In a capitalist system, which brings movement to everything (goods and people, as tourists, job nomads, work migrants or refugees), we are all migrants. However, this is not meant to veil the fundamental difference between war refugees and vacationers; this difference is not one that is defined by movement or rest per se. Instead, the differences in power and class that ensure status and privileges for western minorities become visible and simultaneously reject, dispossess and disenfranchise others. In the perpetuation of the myth that culture and identity are defined by nation-state territory (key term: „dominant German culture“), culture is also misunderstood as a unity that is fixed and worth conserving. Kampnagel says NO to the museum-like character of cultural institutions that constantly reproduce the wrong narratives of national identity and cultural heritage – and thus constantly declare migrants to be »failed citizens«. In this sense, we prefer to be an OPENHAUS instead of an opera house! For the season opening, transnational artists and theorists, among them numerous activists and artists in European exile, are invited to focus on their own hybrid identities. The protagonists find their own voice in the entanglement of supposedly contradictory cultural forms of expression. The point is to find strategies for a peaceful co-existence, breaking down of cultural armor, appropriation from below and self-empowerment in a disenfranchising system.

Funded by Rudolf Augstein Stiftung. During the programme Imagine 2020 I Art and Climate Change, funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

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