Theater, Performance und Tanz in Hamburg - Kampnagel

Alte Schule #3

Kampnagel is going ALTE SCHULE for the third time as part of the GenerationISM series, continuing its intergenerational discussion about good life in old age. The methods will, however, be decidedly un-didactic and un- »old school«: art, theory and experiential discourse will be weaved together, stereotypical images of old age questioned, young and old participants and visitors brought together to create a many-layered image of old age. The »aged« aren’t merely the subject of the discussion but stand on stage as protagonists, performers and old-age experts. Aside from offering international guest performances and performative installations, Kampnagel invites visitors to gamble in the senior casino, to take part in afternoon lecture and discussion events and to watch a short film program put together for the festival.

Gefördert von Homann Stiftung und Körber Stiftung.

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