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choreography and protest
june 3-13 2015

The LIVE ART FESTIVAL#7 focuses on the relationship between choreography and protest. Both in the field of contemporary choreography and the global movement of political resistance, new forms of resistant bodies and collective organisations are constantly emerging. Activists use increasingly artistic strategies to stage more effective and creative protests and, in turn, choreography is understood as a form of specifically social discourse. The examination of this interplay is not explicitly about the representation of protest through dance, but much more about the fundamental potential for protest in choreographic strategies.

In the installation HAMAMNESS, which runs for the duration of the festival,  the body will be pushed towards a new vibration and interpreted as a social subject. By means of heat, humidity and performance and intellectual and physiotherapy-based support, cultural hardness will be softened and scrubbed away. In THE CLASH, Omer Krieger will stage confrontational situations and choreography at public gatherings. The Schwabinggrad Ballet also interweaves choreography and protest, engaging bodies as active centres of resistance. In the LABOFII workshop you can collect physical experiences that will prove helpful at protests. With interactive production formats, guest performances, new productions and a programme of workshops and discussions, CHOREOGRAPHY & PROTEST is a platform that brings together different strategies, tactics and (body) techniques to generate new impulses. 

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